Evaluation Methods of Education Outcomes Quality in Universities (A Case of Syria)

Dr. Al-Ali, Ibrahim Mohammad Professor of Statistics, Tishreen University & Private University of Andalus Dr. Al-Taweel, Laila M. Associate Professor in the Faculty of Economics, Tishreen University Abstract Total quality in higher education has become a target for all universities in the world. Student education outcomes are rapidly taking center stage as the principal gauge of higher education’s effectiveness. Research has mainly focused on the quality of inputs and processes in higher education, but does not provide a sufficient attention to the outcomes (the level of graduates). In order to address this issue, we studied some possible indicators to evaluate the quality of education outcomes (in courses, classes, or the faculty as a whole) by analyzing students’ grades in the courses. We were able to adopt several indicators that rely on calculating the means and ratios of students in courses, classes, and the faculty as a whole. In addition, we provided suitable indicators to assess the quality of education outcomes for graduates and distinguished students, and estimate the ratio of distinction via special calculations for graduates and distinguished students. Keywords: education outcomes, outcomes quality, quality indicators, students’ evaluation methods, quality in universities.

Evaluation Methods of Education Outcomes Quality in Universities-2

تقييم جودة التدريس في الجامعات ـــ دراسة ميدانية في كلية الإقتصاد بجامعة تشرين

يتناول هذا البحث قضية تقييم جودة التدريس في كلية االقتصاد بجامعة تشرين ، لذلك نقوم بتقديم بعض المفاهيم ً المنهجية، من الدراسات السابقة المتعلقة بهذا الموضوع ، ونستخلص منها الاختلافات

بحث تقييم جودة التدريس في جامعة تشرين(النسخة الاخيرة)